Mexico Americas 2019-20 season Second Away Jersey

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Nike has teamed up with Mexican American clubs to launch the team's brand-new Second Away Jersey for the 2019-20 season. The Aztec Triple Alliance was once the most powerful civilization on the continent, building its reputation on the battlefield and consolidating its influence by building new buildings and conquering New Territories, to achieve greatness through immortality.

Since ancient times, Eagle feathers have been a symbol of honor and power. Only the strongest, fastest and deadliest warriors deserve to wear them. Like the 11 soldiers on the field now, with the sweat and spirit to defend their honor, running, glory. The design of New Jersey reflects the tradition of the Aztec Triple Alliance, which was once the most powerful civilization in Mexico and the Americas. The warriors continued to cross borders to write legends and spread imperial blood. The powerful military element that brought Aztec Triple Alliance to the top also provided inspiration for the New Jersey design.

Mexico Americas 2019-20 season Second Away Jersey

Turquoise is a more valuable color than gold in ancient cultures, and it is also a sign of extreme beauty. A team with unlimited possibilities and no fear is worthy of the "Eagle Suit", which represents the blood of a great empire running through their veins. The New Jersey Commemorates Aztec Triple Alliance's greatness in a brilliant turquoise color, with an abstract V-shaped pattern of black, red and gold triangles on the chest.

A woven red stripe is placed behind the simple collar, punctuating it with the Iconic Turquoise Aztec logo.

Mexico Americas 2019-20 season Second Away Jersey

New Jersey is equipped with Nike Dri-FIT technology to help players stay dry and comfortable at all times so they can play at their best. Nike has made sustainability a top priority in its Jersey design, using recycled polyester to make Jersey while ensuring it has unrivaled performance advantages and less impact on the environment.


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